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AVer USB Video Conferencing software brings effective and easy-to-use solutions that increase the efficiency of your USB conferencing experience.

OBS Plugin for AVer USB Cameras

AVer OBS Plugin is free software for controlling AVer USB cameras. This app gives you control of pan, tilt, and zoom functions, and it lets you trigger SmartFrame auto framing via IP connection. You can also set and switch between up to 10 camera preset points. Easily host a professional, efficient livestream with AVer OBS Plugin.

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EZManager 2

AVer EZManager 2 is a free, intuitive, and efficient central management tool specially designed for all AVer USB video products. This updated version features an improved user interface that users can intuitively understand in an instant. Make life easier for your IT staff by downloading AVer EZManager 2 now. To enjoy the benefits of EZManager 2, you will need to download our PTZApp 2 as well.

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PTZApp 2

PTZApp 2 is free software for Windows® and Mac® computers that enables full control of AVer USB camera functions. Get rid of the remote control and enjoy a better video conference experience!

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AVer’s new EZLive is a powerful application that lets users easily record video, livestream, and capture images during real-time video conferencing. EZLive is a free application that is available on all AVer USB cameras and makes them an even more effective collaboration tool.

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The PTZApp is an innovative industry-first software program that makes the conference camera more powerful than ever. Compatible with PC and Mac computers, the PTZApp assists with firmware upgrades as well as providing a host of functions such as answering/hanging up via remote control, controlling the conference camera via the PTZapp, adjusting the camera's image quality, diagnosing operating status, and viewing live video from the camera. Most important of all, it’s free. (New products launched in 2021 are not supported, please upgrade to PTZApp 2)

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With this fantastic mobile application, VC320 users can turn any mobile device into a remote control for all their Conference Camera’s functions. Not only is it ultra-convenient, it’s also free!

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