Adapt to Mid-to-large rooms with Scalable Speakerphones

The VC550 provides a premium audiovisual experience. Embedded with daisy-chain technology, the VC550 can be expanded by adding up to four additional microphones or two speakerphones to provide full coverage in mid to large rooms.


Advanced Noise Suppression Achieves Amazing Acoustics

Feeling irritated by background keyboard typing and air conditioning sounds during a conference call? The FONE540 silences the noise and guarantees unmatched audio clarity to free you from distractions.


Flawless Audio for Fluid Communication

Do people on the other side of your audio meeting still have trouble hearing every word you say? With the FONE540 you won’t have to repeat yourself anymore. Equipped with double-talk detection, the FONE540 makes every call feel like a face-to-face conversation.


4K Dual Lens Offers Wide-Angle Clarity for Larger Rooms

Capture a full view of any meeting room with wide-angle functionality. The VC550 equips two 4K lenses, the first of which is a PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom (24X total zoom) which automatically frames participants and the second is an AI lens with 95°FOV, together providing a full and panoramic view of any room.


Dynamic Framing Enhances Meeting Efficiency

The VC550 quickly and precisely focuses on participants and newcomers. When newcomers walk in, the secondary AI lens springs to action to detect them, then the PTZ camera automatically re-frames. Through fully automatic operation, dynamic framing optimizes meetings and eliminates touch for high levels of safety.

Highlight Participants with Smart Gallery

Clearly capture attendees with Smart Gallery, which utilizes AI face and body detection technology to crop participant’s faces and make sure everyone looks great. You can choose between headshot and half body mode to adapt to any situation without compromise.

**This function requires PTZApp2 running in the computer.


Hardware Spec

  • 1PTZ lens: 12X optical zoom
  • 2IR sensor
  • 3AI lens
  • 4LED indicator
  • 1Kensington lock
  • 2HDMI out
  • 3USB 3.1 type-B
  • 4RS232 in/out
  • 5PoE
  • 6DC 12V
  • 1Bluetooth button
  • 2Mute/Unmute
  • 3Phone input
  • 4Make/Answer call
  • 5Volume up
  • 6LED status indicator
  • 7Volume down
  • 8Hang up call
  • 1Daisy-chain up to three speakerphones and four microphones
  • 2Phone in
  • 3Line out
  • 4LAN for IP remote access


  • Dual Lens Camera (CAM550)
    PTZ optical zoom lens
    • Image sensor: Sony 4K EXMOR, crystal clear in any lighting
    • Frame rates: (16:9) 4K 30fps; 1920 x 1080, 1600 x 900, 1280 x 720, 960 x 540, 848 x 480, 800 x 448, 640 x 360, at 60, 30, 15fps; (4:3) 1280 x 960, 800 x 600, 640 x 480 at 60, 30, 15fps
    • 24*X Zoom: 12X optical; 2X digital zoom
    • Wide field of view: DFOV 85°; HFOV 76°; VFOV 46°
    • Lens focal length: 3.9mm (wide) ~ 47.3mm (tele)
    • Lens F#: 1.8 (wide) ~ 2.8 (tele)
    • AE, white balance: auto, manual override via PTZApp 2
    • Minimum focus distance: 1.5m
    • Motorized Pan & tilt: Pan: ±170°;Tilt: +90° (up) -30° (down)
    • Preset number: 10 via IR remote, 128 via RS232
    Secondary fixed lens (AI lens)
    • Image sensor: Sony 4K EXMOR
    • Frame rates and resolution set according to PTZ lens settings
    • Wide field of view: DFOV 95°; HFOV 78°; VFOV 50°

    *Please use PTZApp 2 to set up 24X zoom
    *Please don' t put the CAM550 on the table. This will block the view of AI lens and the AI detection function will malfunction. The suggested installation height is 1.5m away from the floor.
  • Speakerphone (FONE540)
    • Wireless Bluetooth / USB Wired for PC
    • Full duplex microphone array speakerphone
    • Two omnidirectional microphones support 360° pickup
    • Full duplex echo cancellation
    • Advanced noise suppression
    • Powerful wideband voice processing
    • Speaker volume: adjustable to 90 dB SPL at 0.5 m
    • 3.5 mm line-in (aux) cable connects BYOD smartphones or PCs to use as speakerphones
    • Touch controls for volume adjustment, mute, phone input, call, and hang up
    • Can bridge phone-in and USB into one call
    • Kensington lock
  • HDMI & PoE
    • HDMI 1.3: 1080p 30fps/ 60fps
    • PoE+: 802.3at
  • Video Format
    • YUV, YUY2, MJPEG
    • Network video compression format: H.264
    • Network protocol: RTSP, RTMP
  • USB
    • 3.1 Gen 1, backward compatible with USB 2.0
    • UVC 1.1 (USB video), UVC1.5*

    *UVC1.5 utilizes a different platform environment and requires a FW upgrade. Please contact technical support for more details.
  • Control
    • IR remote control
    • VISCA/pelco P/pelco D via RS232 (128 preset points via
    • VISCA command)
    • Remote side: VISCA over IP, IP (RJ45)
    • UVC plug and play
    • WebUI: Browser IP access via Chrome (Not support IE)
    • OSD setting: HDMI out to TV monitor
    • PTZApp 2 Support
    • UAC, plug and play
    • WebUI: Browser IP access via Chrome (Not support IE)
    • PTZApp 2 Support
  • Power Supply
    • AC 100V–240V, 50/60 Hz; Consumption: 12V, 2A
    • PoE+: 802.3at
    • AC 100V to 240V, 50/60 Hz
    • Consumption: 12V, 5A
  • Free Applications for Meeting Collaboration (For Windows® and Mac® computers)
    EZManager 2: Camera Central Management Software
    • Remotely group FW/SW upgrades, control the camera, and manage settings
    PTZApp 2: Camera Settings Software
    • Smart gallery/Virtual USB streaming/Preset Link
    • View live video, participant metrics, and meeting-interval information
    • Enable Skype for Business far-end control
    • Upgrade firmware automatically/manually
    • Control the camera
    • Set parameters and adjust the camera image
    • View operation status, diagnose issues
    EZLive: Broadcasting Software
    • Multi-camera real-time streaming, annotating, image capturing, and video recording
  • Environment Data
    • Operation temperature: 0 to 40°C
    • Operation humidity: 20% to 80%
    • Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C
    • Storage humidity: 20% to 80% E
  • Dimensions
    • Package dimensions: 348(L)*251(W)*308(H) mm
    • Package weight: 7.9kg
    • Camera: 170.8(L) x 190.5 (H) x 173(D) mm/ 2.1kg
    • Speakerphone: 220(L)x 49.5(D) x 181.5(H) mm/ 0.8kg
    • Remote control: 200 x 50 x 21 mm/ 90g
  • Innovative features
    • Dynamic auto framing: secondary AI lens detects all participants, new participants trigger PTZ lens to dynamically re-frame all participants.
    • Preset framing tracks both preset area and speaker*
    • Simultaneous 3-way output: USB, HDMI and IP connections
    • Gesture control provides intuitive camera controls
    • HDMI Picture in Picture (PIP) function
    • Smart gallery** function creates great visibility
    • Cableless access to meetings: Get rid of USB cable connections with AVer virtual USB streaming technology*** (One RJ45 cable transfers IP streaming to USB.)
    • Audio tracking support: Integration with 3rd party ceiling microphone (Shure/Sennheiser) via AVer Preset Link*** function.

    *Make sure preset areas are within AI lens' view.
    ** Smart gallery function will be available in Q2 2022 via FW update.
    ***Please download PTZApp 2 to set up Smart gallery, USB virtual streaming and Preset Link functionality.
  • Connectivity
    • USB type-B 3.1 connector, backward compatible with USB 2.0
    • 12V/2A DC jack power adapter
    • Mini DIN9 for RS232 in & out connection (VISCA control panel and camera daisy-chain)
    • IP (RJ45)
    • HDMI
    • USB2.0 Micro USB connector
    • 12V/5A DC jack power adapter
    • LAN for IP remote access
    • Expansion port (daisy-chain speakerphone or microphone)
    • 3.5 mm phone-in jack
    • 3.5 mm line out
  • Package Contents
    • CAM550 unit
    • FONE540 unit
    • Power adapter x2
    • Power cord x2
    • USB3.1 Type-B to Type-A cable (3 m) for camera
    • Micro USB 2.0 to Type-A cable (5 m) for speakerphone
    • Remote control
    • Mini DIN9 to mini DIN8 RS232 adapter cable
    • HDMI cable (3 m)
    • 3.5 mm aux cable
    • Wall mount bracket and screws
    • QR code card
    • Tripod screw
  • Optional Accessories
    • Mini DIN8 to D-Sub9 cable
    • Ceiling mount*
    • Foldable TV mount
    • USB 2.0 type-B Cable
    • USB 3.1 Extension Cable (10 m/20 m/30 m)
    • Expansion Speakerphone (10 m cable included, daisy-chain up to three speakerphones)
    • Expansion Pair Microphone (Two 5 m cables included, daisy-chain up to four microphones)

    *CAM550 is a dual lens camera and doesn't support upside-down installation. For ceiling mounting, please see the AVer ceiling mount.
  • Security and Mount
    • Kensington lock
    • 1/4" tripod mounting screw
    • Camera wall-mount bracket included
    • Optional foldable TV mount
  • System Requirements
    • Windows® 7/10/11
    • MacOS X 14.4 or later
    • Chromebox 3 version 94.0.4606.114 or later
  • Warranty
    • Camera, Speakerphone: 3 years*
    • Accessories: 1 year
  • Hardware Specs
    • 3.2 GHz Intel® Core™ i5-4460 processor
    • 4 GB RAM or more
    • USB 3.1 port, backward compatible with USB 2.0
  • Compatible Applications
    • Zoom, Microsoft® Teams, Skype, Skype for Business, Google Meet, RingCentral, BlueJeans , Intel® Unite™, Fuze, Adobe® Connect™, CyberLink U Meeting®, Cisco WebEx® GoToMeeting™, LiveOn, Microsoft® Lync™, TrueConf, V-Cube, Vidyo, vMix, WebRTC, Wirecast, XSplit

    *For 4K UHD support, please check system/hardware requirements with your software application provider.

* Specifications may vary depending on countries and are subject to change without notice.



  • CAM550
  • PN:04131ECOWAPW
    Power Adapter
    USB 2.0 Type-B Cable (5 m)
  • PN:0412U300-ASA
    Remote Control
  • PN:112AU340-A22*1 PN:112AU340-A23*1 PN: 100AAAAAAAMD*2
    Wall Mount
    Mini DIN 9 to mini DIN 8 RS232 Adapter
  • QR Code Card
  • Tripod Screws
  • FONE540
  • PN:04131HGOOARC
    Power Adapter (12V/ 5A)
    3.5 mm aux cable
    USB2.0, micro USB cable(5 m)
    USB 3.1 type B to Type A (3m)
  • PN:60U0100000AC
    Expansion microphone pair incl. two x 5 m cable
  • Ceiling Mount B
  • PN:064AUSB−−CC5
    10 m USB 3.1 Extension Cable
  • PN:064AUSB−−CC6
    20 m USB 3.1 Extension Cable
  • PN:064AUSB−−CDS
    30 m USB 3.1 Extension Cable
  • PN: 064AUSBCG5
    USB 2.0 type-B Cable
  • PN:60V2C10000A7
    Foldable TV Mount
    Mini DIN 8 to D-Sub 9 RS232 Cable
  • PN:60U0100000AB
    Expansion speakerphone incl. 10 m cable
  • * Please contact local authorized dealer/distributor for purchasing optional accessories.