Present Every Detail with an 24X* Total Zoom

Claim your advanced business benefits by presenting products in ultimate clarity and showing full details with an 24X* total zoom. The CAM520 Pro2 provides smoother video imaging than ever with up to 1080p, 60fps quality. Zoom in tightly on every facet of your products to win more business!

*Please use PTZApp 2 to set up 24X zoom.

CAM520 Pro2

Hold Efficient and Safe Meetings with Upgraded AVer SmartFrame

Keep meetings efficient and safe with AVer’s upgraded SmartFrame. This function uses next-generation facial and body detection to automatically frame people who are wearing masks or presenting any facial profile from up to 7~10 meters away!
Manual Framing + Auto Framing

CAM520 Pro2
CAM520 Pro2

Smartly track presenters through preset areas by adding a CAM520 Pro2 and its Preset Framing mode. You can set multiple preset viewing areas that the camera will automatically follow presenters through. There’ s no need for a remote control!
Preset Framing

Access Video Calls Without the Hassle of Connecting a USB Cable!

AVer Virtual Streaming technology makes the CAM520 Pro2 available as a camera video source for virtual meetings via a single Ethernet connection. Also, a PoE+ port simplifies set up and reduces installation costs.
* Only available in Windows PC. Doesn’t support in MAC PC.
How to - Virtual stream

CAM520 Pro2

Share Live Video Online Anytime with IP Streaming

Livestream on YouTube or Facebook! Easily create live video content with the CAM520 Pro2 by using an H.264 RTSP/RTMP stream to your cloud base or on-premise streaming delivery network.

Enterprise-Grade Imaging with True WDR

Enjoy vivid meetings even in high-contrast backlight environments when you use the CAM520 Pro2. Embedded Sony True WDR is effective at up to 120dB, automatically refining highlights, shadows, and white balance. You deserve to experience enterprise-grade imaging in every meeting.

CAM520 Pro2

Hardware Spec

  • 1Status light
  • 2USB3.1 type-B
  • 3RS232 in/out
  • 4DC 12V
  • 5LAN for IP streaming and Power over Ethernet (PoE)


CAM520 Pro2 vs. CAM520 Pro
Model CAM520 Pro2 CAM520 Pro
Zoom Ratio 12X Optical Zoom (18X Total Zoom) 12X Optical Zoom (18X Total Zoom)
Resolution 1080p 1080p
FOV 84.5° 82°
Frame Rate USB: 1080p/60fps USB: 1080p/60fps
Video Formats M-JPEG/YUV/H.264 M-JPEG/YUV/H.264
Pan 340° (±170°) 340° (±170°)
Tilt 120° 120°
Preset 10 on remote (128 via RS232) 10 on remote (128 via RS232)
Far-Site Control Yes (only Skype for Business) Yes (only Skype for Business)
Advanced Features
SmartFrame Yes (Auto Framing, Preset Tracking) Yes (Auto Framing)
IP Streaming Yes (RTSP/RTMP) Yes (RTSP/RTMP)
RS232 Yes (RS232 in/out) Yes (RS232 in/out)
PoE Yes No
Certifications & Awards
  • Zoom Certified
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams Certified
  • ClickShare Conference label Certified alliance def
  • RingCentral Certified