Why AVer VC?

To compete globally you need to make every investment count. With AVer's video conferencing solution , you get an HD video conferencing experience at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions. Read on to learn how you can improve the quality, efficiency and convenience of your organization’s day-to-day remote communication with these unrivaled VC systems.

Unbeatable ROI

AVer makes video conferencing a reality for small to medium-sized businesses, universities, government offices and a host of other organizations for which traditional video conferencing solutions are simply a financial impossibility. While others may advertise video conferencing solutions for only a few thousand dollars, the reality is that this low price often only buys you the system’s codec; once you add on a camera, MCU capabilities, an additional MIC and content sharing, the final price tag can be double and sometimes even triple the advertised price!

AVer’s “All-in-One” approach means there are no confusing or misleading pricing schemes, no costly add-ons or upgrades, just the things you need to begin video conferencing at one remarkably affordable price. In fact,  AVer VC systems  are so cost-effective that you can own any one of them for less than the average cost of one round-trip business class ticket from London to Shanghai. On top of that, with an industry-leading 3-year warranty period and free firmware upgrades, there’s no need to worry about the high maintenance fees commonly associated with single-codec video conferencing systems.

Easy, easy, easy

Not only does AVer provide the most cost-effective video conferencing solutions on the market, but also the easiest to install and operate. Traditional VC system installation can be a downright nightmare, requiring you to bring in costly professional installers to setup the system and network. AVer on the other hand has cleverly engineered its VC systems so you can have them up and running with only the most basic technical know-how & networking skills. But it doesn’t stop there: the straightforward design of the remote control and onscreen menu makes system operation simpler than ever, turning any ordinary user into an expert in no time.

Fully integrated functions

From the codec, to the camera, to the cables and the microphones, you’ll have everything you need to start video conferencing right out of the box. AVer VC solutions combine HD1080p/HD720p people & content video, wide-angle/PTZ HD cameras and multisite calling* with industry-first features, like one-touch recording to a USB flash drive. In addition, AVer boasts a fantastic lineup of free software and web-based tools, like ScreenShare for wireless content sharing, WebTool for remote system access & management, and VCLink for sharing live images & snapshots from a mobile device.

No matter if you are looking for an endpoint unit to add to your existing video communications solution or wanting to build an “AVer only” set-up from scratch, AVer has the right video conferencing solution to satisfy your needs and your budget.

*Multisite calling available with select models only.
Click here for an introduction to video conferencing in education

From business, to education, healthcare, hotels, law and law enforcement, AVer video conferencing systems offer unique advantages to professionals in a range of industries. Read on to learn more or click here to download the full-length brochure .


Small and medium-sized businesses long burdened by costly, time-consuming business trips have found the perfect solution to this problem – AVer HD video conferencing systems. AVer’s range of “All-in-One” systems presents these largely overlooked enterprises with a professional yet cost-effective HD video conferencing solution that can be moved from room to room. Only with AVer can SMBs record meetings directly to a USB flash drive for playback later or share captured photos and live video from an iPhone, iPad or Android phone to present prototypes or documents in no time. Businesses with more expansive operations, like financial services companies, can take advantage of AVer VC to connect regional and local offices with specialized analysts at the main branch, conduct effective, low-cost interoffice training and quickly communicate with industry experts outside the company.


AVer makes the number of exciting distance learning opportunities available to schools affordable and easy for educators to use. Imagine being able to collaborate with schools on the other side of the world or to take students on a wide range of virtual field trips, all without spending a cent. Consider the advantages of being able to facilitate language exchanges between schools from different countries or hire a native speaker to teach students a foreign language without ever leaving his home. Universities can leverage video conferencing to cheaply bring in busy industry experts and renowned professors for guest lectures by eliminating the time and cost of travel; to provide students with a realistic distance learning solution for taking an active part in lectures taught on other campuses; and to give university administration an excellent cross-campus communication tool. What’s more, schools can connect an AVerVision visualizer to capture detailed images of any real object and stream it live with students thousands of miles away.


AVer video conferencing puts the world’s top medical professionals and cutting-edge medical research within the reach of everyday people. From community clinics to rural hospitals to non-profit healthcare providers, AVer video conferencing presents healthcare professionals with the means to leverage the expertise of leading physicians and researchers at distant hospitals, granting patients the opportunity to receive expert consultations and top-notch diagnoses without leaving their local clinics. By connecting an AVerVision visualizer, doctors can enhance their approaches to telemedicine by sharing high resolution images of x-rays and photo slides to other healthcare professionals around the globe, facilitating informed, real-time discussions. Naturally, telemedicine can be applied to a range of healthcare-related services, such as dentistry, psychiatry, veterinary medicine and nursing homes. In addition, hospital administration can take advantage of AVer video conferencing to inexpensively and efficiently conduct day-to-day meetings, negotiate with equipment suppliers and plan marketing/PR events.


Video conferencing is increasingly becoming one of the required facilities for the hospitality industry. AVer’s range of easy to install, easy to use VC systems are ideal for these organizations. Hotel staff can place an AVer system right in the heart of a fully-equipped business communications room, or quickly put together a unit on a movable stand to take directly to a hotel meeting room or executive suite, making video conferencing accessible to any guest at any time. This high level of customer service leads to increased customer loyalty, particularly among savvy business travelers, helping to improve both brand image and revenue projections. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, executives need to know that they can get in contact with the office and important clients at a moment’s notice. Providing a video conferencing hook-up right in the room affords them that peace of mind.


In law, wasted time is lost money. Video conferencing saves the time and stress of travel for initial client consultations, mediation and meetings between law firms, while increasing a firm’s total billable hours. AVer video conferencing systems provide clear sound and smooth HD images for perfect face-to-face communication and remotely delivering expert testimony in court. The content sharing and image sharing functions allow attorneys to discuss legal contracts without missing a beat, while the unique one-touch recording function makes for easy recording of video depositions, statements and legal videos. A simple video meeting can give staff spread across multiple branches access to the experience of a senior partner, allow for strategic planning when working on cross-border cases, and aid coordination efforts when representing a multinational client. And with correctional facilities increasingly providing video links, video conferencing systems enable consultations with clients when a physical visit would be impractical or overly expensive.

Law enforcement

Video conferencing is the perfect answer to the current pressure for law enforcement to do more with fewer resources. Video conferencing assists local, state and national law enforcement by enabling virtual meetings between field offices and facilitating greater interagency cooperation. From briefings to training to departmental operations and more, AVer’s unique video conferencing solutions make communication in law enforcement simpler and more effective. Officers can easily share vivid images of evidence using an AVerVision visualizer or wirelessly present PC content from anywhere using AVer’s free ScreenShare software. With more courthouses utilizing VC systems during trials, officers are finding that testifying remotely not only saves travel time but also allows for more productive use of time when waiting to take the stand. Police departments in Europe are already taking advantage of AVer’s exceptional video conferencing solutions to have officers in rural stations join meetings held at the regional HQ without making the long trip.