Rifhan Teknologi’s Success with the AVer
Conference Solution

VC550 Dual-lens Audiovisual System - Unlocking Efficiency, Enhancing Clarity

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the demand for seamless communication and efficient collaboration has become paramount. At Rifhan Teknologi, this need was especially evident. Being a dynamic IT service company specializing in providing safety-focused IT solutions for businesses — including its flagship stock management system — Rifhan needed to revamp its video conferencing setup.
Before adopting AVer's innovative conference solutions, the company faced several challenges, including sound looping issues, poor image quality from built-in laptop webcams, and a cluttered workspace due to numerous cables connecting devices.
But thanks to AVer, Rifhan solved all these issues with a single solution! Here’s how:

The Challenge: A Tangled Web of Issues

The professionals at Rifhan Teknologi, a forward-thinking tech company, were well aware of the challenges posed by their previous video conferencing setup. The problems included:

  • Sound looping issues: A constant feedback loop caused disruptions, significantly hindering communication.
  • Low-quality webcams:Built-in laptop webcams provided grainy, subpar video quality that didn’t reflect the company’s professionalism.
  • Cable chaos:The conference table was cluttered and unorganized courtesy of the many cables running between devices, creating an unpleasant workspace.

In their quest to resolve these issues and elevate its video conferencing experience, Rifhan Teknologi turned to AVer Information Inc. for a solution.

The Solution: AVer Conference Camera CAM550 and FONE540

AVer's conference solutions offered Rifhan Teknologi the key to addressing their challenges. The company chose the CAM550 Conference Camera and FONE540 Speakerphone (VC550 Audiovisual System) — two devices known for exceptional performance and ease of use — to revitalize its video conferencing setup.

The Results: Clarity and Cleanliness

The transformation was remarkable. With AVer's solution integrated in their meeting room, the Rifhan team witnessed a substantial improvement in their work environment and meeting experience:

  • Eliminated sound looping: With the FONE540 speakerphone, sound issues became a thing of the past. Crystal-clear audio enhanced communication and collaboration during meetings. Embedded with daisy-chain technology, the scalable speakerphone solution provides full coverage in all kinds of rooms, including Rifhan’s medium meeting space.
  • High-quality video:The CAM550 4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera delivers stunning, high-definition video quality that conveys a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. The dual-lens configuration also offers a 95-degree FOV panoramic view of the room.
  • Fewer cables:The once-cluttered desk is now a thing of beauty. AVer's solutions reduced cable usage and simplified connections, creating an organized, clean workspace. Additionally, upgrading to AVer’s wireless Virtual Stream function let the Rifhan team get rid of USB cable connections, making a brand-new, leveled-up meeting room!

Rifhan Teknologi's journey with AVer’s CAM550 camera and FONE540 speakerphone not only improved the company’s daily work efficiency but also bolstered its professional image. The seamless collaboration combined with a clean and organized workspace has led to increased productivity and a more enjoyable working environment.

Conclusion: AVer's Impact on Business Efficiency

The case of Rifhan Teknologi serves as a testament to the transformative power of AVer's conference solutions. By addressing sound issues, improving video quality, and simplifying cable management, AVer has not only enhanced work efficiency but also contributed to a more professional, streamlined work environment. As businesses continue evolving, AVer remains committed to providing innovative solutions that drive success in the modern workplace.