Next Clothes Store, Belarus

32 AVer IP cameras and our CMS system secure the store

AVer's partner in Belarus, StopObzor, was recently asked to outfit a Next clothing store in the center of Minsk, Belarus with 32 IP cameras and a Central Management System. The director of Next’s franchise company ‘Bond Street’ in Belarus, Mikhail Skvorcov, requested a quick installation and an easy to use system, which was exactly what AVer provided. AVer's wide range of small inconspicuous cameras, many of which are wireless, were a huge benefit and really set AVer's solution apart from other competitors.


Next required a series of small cube cameras with wireless connectivity and some high quality indoor dome cameras to be installed throughout their store. Importantly, all of the devices had to have excellent recording quality during the night and ensure that if there were any disturbances, nothing would be missed. Additionally, Next requested to get the system up and running as soon as possible, with an easy to use system to reduce the time spent on training colleagues.


AVer decided that the best option would be to start with 30 cube cameras. These cameras offer excellent video quality at 720P so that if any occurrences did arise in the store, they were sure to capture everything. Even though these cameras are small and don’t bring any unwanted attention to them after they have been installed, they are equipped with a series of features which ensure that they can see better at night time and under low light conditions including IR LED illuminators (5m distance) and passive infrared sensor (PIR) for enhanced motion detection. They support Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) for cleaner imaging under challenging lighting conditions, which is exactly what Next needed. The FD3020 offers IR LED illuminators of up to 30 meters and a series of storage and bandwidth saving storage devices including Event Booster, Smart Stream and ROI (Region of Interest), to ensure Next could maximize their storage space. The CM3000 allowed for easy management from a remote location and a system which requires minimal training, so the whole system was fully operational in a very short amount of time.


The installation of the cameras as well as the CM3000 at the remote location was considered a complete success. The cameras managed to fit excellently into the current interior of the store and didn’t attract any unnecessary attention, while still being able to record in excellent quality. The NXU lite and the CM3000 were considered to be the perfect solution because the NXU lite VMS software provided support for the 32 IP channels and the CM3000 offered an excellent alarm alert system, so that it was much easier to keep track of what was happening on the 32 channels. Mikhail Skvorcov the director of Next’s franchise company ‘Bond Street’ in Belarus said: ‘We selected AVer's solution because of their complete portfolio, the high quality of their products, the quickness with which they could complete the work and the minimal training that was required. We were very happy with their solution and would recommend them.’

Organization profile

Next is a British multinational clothing, footwear and home products producer with around 900 stores throughout the world. Next is the largest clothing retailer by sales in the United Kingdom and is continuing to expand globally with more and more stores throughout the world.