Century 21 Real Estate, Taiwan

Century 21 Real Estate uses AVer video conferencing to make branch management more efficient.

"AVer video conferencing has made us a more effective and cohesive team than ever before, and has helped us better realize Century 21 Real Estate’s values of professionalism, efficiency, and internationalization."
– Grace Hsueh, owner, Xingfu and Fumei branches, Century 21 Real Estate, Taiwan


Century 21 Real Estate, established in 1971, is the world's largest residential real estate sales organization, with over 6,800 offices in 78 countries and territories around the world. The Xingfu branch in Xinzhuang District, Taiwan, was founded over 20 years ago, while the Fumei branch was established by Xingfu branch owner Grace Hsueh in the recently launched Touchian Redevelopment Zone in order to keep ahead of competition. Managing both branches proved to be a challenge as staff needed to travel back and forth between the two every day. “At first, reports to top management had to be given one by one through Skype or telephone, and even worse, we couldn’t see employees’ reports. As a result, meetings took much longer than before,” said Grace Hsueh. In 2014, after searching for a solution to the two branches’ communication problems, Hsueh purchased two AVer EVC130 video conferencing systems.

More Efficient Teamwork

The greatest advantage of the EVC130 is its content sharing function, because it simplifies and transforms the communication process and helps businesses better achieve their goals. For example, staff can share presentations, including schedules and suggestions for improvements, simply by pressing a button. In addition, both branches can simultaneously discuss special cases or situations to ensure there is no information gap.

More Effective Training

With two branches to run Hsueh needed to hire many new employees, all of whom required training. This was a burden for senior staff members, who in addition to their routine tasks found themselves teaching the same courses every time someone joined their team. AVer video conferencing again provided a solution, in the form of one-touch recording. Now all the senior staff only has to record lessons onto a USB flash drive once, and replay it every time a new employee needs training. Instead of teaching the same courses over and over, senior staff members can focus their energies on their customers. Meanwhile, new employees still receive the training they need.

More Team Spirit

Book club meetings are a tradition of the Xingfu and Fumei branches, one which the EVC130 has helped foster by letting employees at both branches participate. Believing that positive energy is the only way to success, and that a relaxed, happy atmosphere is necessary to create positive energy, Hsueh frequently invites professors to lead book club meetings. By discussing books, staff members have the opportunity to encourage each other and grow together. Says Hsueh, “thanks to AVer video conferencing, our employees are more efficient, more dedicated, and more committed to carrying out Century 21 Real Estate’s philosophy of professionalism, efficiency, and internationalization than before.”

AVer would like to thank Century 21 Real Estate Xingfu and Fumei Branches, Taiwan for their valuable assistance in creating this case study.