The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Jordan

Instructors zest up culinary theory classes with AVerVision CP300

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, an Affiliate of Les Roches, is a specialized Jordanian associated university. The two-year culinary diploma program is accredited in Jordan and Switzerland, with the accreditation in Jordan from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education. The faculty places emphasis on attaining a profound knowledge in practical and craft-based learning while developing and deepening management skills through theoretical business-related and general education subjects. The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts aims to provide the industry with future leaders, trendsetters, innovators and ensures that its students possess valuable transferable skills such as self-discipline, respect for others, integrity, adaptability and the motivation for lifelong learning.

I am always looking for the latest technology that helps me deliver lectures and make them more engaging for students, and I found it in AVerVision CP300!” - Rudolf Bider, Senior Culinary Instructor, Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Chef Rudolf Bider, the Senior Culinary Instructor at Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Amman, Jordan, found that teaching culinary theory using the AVerVision CP300 visualizer (document camera) brought about greater student interaction in the classroom and made lessons more enjoyable. Prior to introducing the AVerVision CP300 to the class, tracking subtle changes in meat was a tedious procedure. Now, AVerVision CP300 has injected vitality into theory classes through screening the vivid real-time video of textural changes in meat such as fat, protein and the meat fibers after it is cooked on the interactive board already in place in the classroom.

Not only that, AVerVision CP300 has allowed students to view Chef Bider’s demonstrations with ease. Previously, Chef Bider had to pass the ingredients that he used in a lesson among students on a plate, which was rather time-consuming and students became easily distracted. After introducing AVerVision CP300 to the class, he now has the wherewithal to show students these supplies on the screen and avoid the hassle of disrupting class.

Also, students used to crowd around him in order to see the kinds of apparatuses used in the beverage preparation procedure during his beverage preparation classes. Now, with the help of AVerVision CP300, he can show students the process of making various beverages and highlight the tools needed in the procedure, all with students remaining in their seats. He does so simply by directing AVerVision CP300’s camera at the equipment, which in turn is projected on the interactive board for all students to see.

Using AVerVision CP300 in classes at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts has enabled instructors to more efficiently display the numerous types of food such as mushrooms, fruits, vegetables & meats and distinguish the difference between these varieties of produce and meats by zooming in to see their fibers. In addition, it also helps students to differentiate between fresh, frozen or dried produce/meats through highlighting them. Best of all, the students get to view all these from the comfort of their own desks.