The British School Muscat, Oman

Students respond positively to demonstrations conducted with the visualizer

"Teachers can be pretty conservative about new things, especially when it comes to ICT equipment. However, this wasn’t the case with the AVerVision 300AF Visualizer.”
- John Parsons, Primary ICT Specialist and Subject Coordinator, The British School Muscat

John Parsons, the primary school’s ICT specialist and subject coordinator, trialed the visualizer (document camera) in several different scenarios – displaying enlarged copies of prepared worksheets to children, presenting new equipment during staff training sessions, and demonstrating how to program a floor robot.

“I used the AVerVision 300AF visualizer (document camera) with the Bee-Bot; a great educational tool for the classroom. However, focusing the students’ attention on how to use it could have been a slight challenge. Luckily, with my AVerVision visualizer (document camera), I was easily able to demonstrate how to use it on a large screen to my whole class. This way my students spent less time trying to figure out what to do and more time doing. When the students had completed their programming, we used the visualizer (document camera) to see how each group did. The most important thing is that all my students could see what was going on at the same time, so no one was lost during class. Using an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) in the classroom with great educational tools works hand in hand,” said Mr. Parsons.

Visualizers Have 101 Uses

Sue, the primary literacy coordinator for the school, trialed the visualizer (document camera) to show the children the inside workings of a light bulb. This was a great way to help them understand how an electrical element works. She also used it during literacy exercises to follow text that contained fantastic artwork and captions as well as to show samples of the students’ own writing. For numeracy, Sue used the visualizer (document camera) to model some of the concepts the class was covering in regard to reflective symmetry. And with art, she used the visualizer (document camera) to help model a painting technique.