The Apple International School, Dubai

AVerVision300AF reveals the wonders of science with amazing clarity

The Apple International School, established in 1994, is a British Curriculum School that places high value on the individual, an ethos underpinned by its belief that the school provides an ideal atmosphere for nurturing the talents and needs of young students. The Apple International School, as a multi-cultural and diverse learning organization aims to provide a learning environment which empowers students, staff and the community to maximize their personal, creative and academic potential in order to become lifelong learners and responsible world citizens.

“It was a real teaching and learning experience. My students were really eager to bring forth more ideas to be demonstrated using the visualizer.” 
- Ms. Beena, Teacher, The Apple International School

A new addition to the classroom arsenal

Although they had not embraced new educational technology, like visualizers (document cameras) and interactive boards, until recently, the students and staff at The Apple International School in Dubai were very much impressed with the AVerVision300AF. The teachers began by connecting the visualizer (document camera) to a multimedia projector in the computer lab and projecting the images onto an interactive board already in place. The teachers and students were quite impressed with the AVerVision300AF’s zoom capabilities and its software’s video recording feature.

Students observe eruptions on the big screen

The visualizer (document camera) was first put to use in a science class, where some young students used it to show their project on volcanoes. The project demonstrated how lava flows from an erupting volcano by mixing chemicals in an inverted wooden pyramid to get an effervescent effect. Thanks to the AVerVision300AF the whole process was captured for the other children in class to observe easily on the projection screen. In another session, a group of students brought in their science project on light, demonstrating how to reflect light with multiple mirrors located at strategic points. The students adjusted the focus on the visualizer (document camera) and used its zoom function without any assistance, which gave their classmates and teachers the chance to observe even the tiniest details of their project.

“My interest in science has increased because of using this device!” 
- Gian, Student, The Apple International School

Numerous applications in the classroom

The AVerVision300AF got a chance to show off its wide range of applications in the students’ art class. After successfully integrating the visualizer (document camera) into the lesson, the differences between certain arts-and-crafts designs, as well as the characteristics of 3-D objects like pyramids, cones and cubes became clear for all to see. Those teachers who worked with the AVerVision300AF mentioned how simple and quick it was to set up and how easy it was to operate. They also said that they were eager to experiment with all of the many functions of the AVerVision300AF in future lessons.

AVer would like to thank The Apple International School and ALMOE Digital Solutions L.L.C for providing this case study.