Ain Shams University vs. El Demerdash Hospital, Egypt

AVer’s VC equipment brings live surgery to over a hundred doctors.

AVer recently teamed up with a leading Egyptian university that is at the forefront of using new techniques in surgery. Hosting a live endoscopy for over 100 doctors, AVer’s high-quality HVC330 video conferencing system allowed the doctors gathered in the University’s lecture hall to view the procedure via the content-sharing function, and to have audio visual communications with the doctors performing the procedure in the operating theatre.


The University wanted to demonstrate the new technology they were using in the endoscopy procedure. They invited many doctors from all around the world to attend this event. As operating theatres are small and need to be very clean, it wasn’t an option for more than 100 doctors to be present in the operating room. The University needed an extremely reliable video conferencing system with content sharing to be able to send the information to the room where the gathered doctors were waiting. Making this challenge even harder was the fact that it was going to be a live procedure so there weren’t going to be any second chances.


AVer’s distributor, Tatas, a leading Egyptian company offering Professional Audio Visual Integrated System Solutions, provided the University with two HVC330 systems, one was installed in the operating theatre where the surgery was taking place and another was installed in the University’s lecture hall, where the doctors were gathered. After the output from the endoscope was connected to the monitor, the HVC330 was also connected to the monitor and content sharing was enabled. From this, the operating theatre and the content from the endoscope were able to be sent to the lecture hall, where the gathered doctors could see. The excellent quality of the audio and visual video conferencing system allowed the gathered doctors to watch the doctor performing the procedure and communicate with his team in the operating theatre.


The installation of the HVC330 in both rooms and the communication during the procedure was a complete success. The solution AVer provided for the University gave them a way for over a hundred doctors to gather in their university and watch a live procedure with great video and sound quality, without actually being present in the operating theatre. All of those present noted how simple and easy the system was to use, the excellent audio and visual quality as well as how stable the connection was. Many doctors (several of whom have already purchased systems) thought it was an excellent way to conduct operations and procedures in the future when a large audience is required, because of the safe environment and the high levels of interaction available between the lecture hall and operating theatre. Video conferencing for medical purposes has great potential in terms of distant learning or getting an expert doctor’s advice immediately if he isn’t present at the hospital.

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The Ain Shams University has a long history of being a pioneer in the medical world and is always searching for new ways to improve its medical procedures and share its expertise with experts from around the world.