Taipei Fuan Elementary School, Taiwan

Enhancing Mobility and Flexibility in the Classroom with AVer TabCam Wireless Camera

Prepare Students for the 21st Century

Taipei Fuan elementary school is located on Shezi island, where the Keelung and Tamsui rivers merge. Thanks to its unique geographic location, it offers a scenic learning environment to approximately 170 students ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 6 as well as its faculty and staff team. To prepare its students for the global society in the 21st century, the curriculum is designed to enhance four essential skills that students will need to be successful, namely communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. English language courses are offered for the students at all grade levels to equip them with the language skills that are fundamental to communicate across national and cultural borders in the future. In addition, in order to motivate and teach today’s generation of students, so-called “digital natives,” the staff at Fuan elementary school are constantly seeking new ways which not only make learning fun and engaging but also enhance teaching effectiveness. The groundbreaking AVer TabCam, for example, is incorporated into English classes, allowing for greater teacher mobility in the classroom, thus increasing interaction with students and improving classroom management by enabling the teachers to walk around freely and monitor student engagement with the topic at hand.

Create an Interactive Learning Environment

Cindy Shen is an experienced teacher of English as a foreign language at Fuan elementary school. Differentiated instruction has been implemented to address diverse learning styles, interests, and various levels of ability identified within her class. In order to promote collaborative learning, she often has her students work in small groups or in pairs to accomplish certain tasks. This not only encourages students to ask each other for information if they get stuck on a problem, transforming them into proactive learners rather than passively receiving information from the teacher. In addition, it also can develop their collaborative skills and abilities that are essential to succeed in today’s work environment where most people need to work in teams and support to one another everyday.

On top of this, keeping students focused throughout the entire class was extremely challenging considering that kids normally have shorter attention spans than adults. Therefore an array of ICT tools such as an interactive whiteboard, iPads, and TabCam were integrated into her classroom to keep student’s attention and engage them in an interactive learning environment. With TabCam, teachers can spontaneously make any object in the classroom the focus of attention, while students can learn lessons and share their work in a way they haven’t experienced before.

Enable Teachers to Teach Virtually Anywhere in the Classroom

The TabCam allows teachers to teach virtually anywhere in the classroom and improves classroom management due to its superior mobility, while keeping students interested and engaged. “I previously had students move to the front of the classroom to present work or share ideas with the whole class,” Cindy said. “However, students walking around during class would easily distract from and interrupt my teaching. Disruption wastes valuable class time as it usually takes a long time to get the class back on track. After using the TabCam, I am able to project student’s answers right from their seats, which definitely makes sharing and presenting much easier. Moreover, presenting student’s writing on a large screen allows me to examine details, point out grammatical errors and instantaneously provide feedback right from my iPad with the use of TabCam’s highlighting and annotating tools over the captured live images. In addition, being able to show off student work in a more interesting way really encourages them to speak up in the classroom more than before.”

Simply put, the kids are more engaged and attentive in the classroom thanks to TabCam. Interactive teaching and learning is now as easy as turning on the TabCam and starting your class!

AVer would like to thank Taipei Fuan Municipal Elementary School for their pivotal roles in creating this case study.