Taipei City Zoo, Taiwan

Learning to make a blowgun is fun and simple with a visualizer

In order to protect firefighters and to prevent them from maiming innocent stray animals during their capture, Taipei City Zoo held a series of courses on how to make tranquilizer guns and blowguns. An AVerVision visualizer (document camera) was used as the method for giving these vivid and vigorous demonstrations.


Whether it is making a blowgun or a tranquilizer gun, the parts used are rather small. In the past, students used to gather around the teacher to see how they are made, but their line of sight was easily blocked by another student and they were not able to follow the teacher step by step. Usually, the teacher had to repeat him/herself to students who didn’t get a clear view of the procedure the first time, thus making the teaching process inefficient. Thanks to AVerVision visualizers (document cameras), the cutting and fixing of the yarn at the end of the blowgun and the exact spot for inserting the needle were vividly captured live. The students did not need to leave their seats, as the whole process was enlarged and clearly shown on a big screen. Not only has the energy put into teaching decreased, but the learning process has become much more efficient, as well.


The AVerVision visualizer has greatly improved the outcome of the course by displaying enlarged details of the step-by-step process of making a blowgun. Students can simultaneously follow the teacher’s instructions, making the learning process much more efficient.”
- Mr. Zhihua Zhang, Lecturer and Director of the Veterinary Division at the Taipei City Zoo


Other than displaying processes in real-time, the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) also comes with the versatile AVerVision software that plays an important role in the course. The process of making the blowgun was recorded throughout the lesson by using the recording feature of the AVerVision software. Students were able to take this video home for review after class. The teacher can also use this as part of his/her teaching materials in the future.


Apparently, AVerVision visualizers (document cameras) have played a major role in effectively delivering the blowgun making course to the firefighters at the Taipei City Zoo. “We will continue to use AVerVision visualizers (document cameras) in our future courses, such as the making of animal specimens,” confirmed Director Zhang. Honored by his compliment, AVer Information is looking forward to future opportunities to work with the great people (and animals) of the Taipei City Zoo.