Tainan University of Technology, Taiwan

SPC300 encourages effective synchronous learning of design skills

Located in Yongkang City, Tainan County, Taiwan, Tainan University of Technology places significant emphasis on inculcating students' ethics and cultural refinement through its humanity and social science courses. Not only does its Department of Product Design play a major role in cultivating innovative professional commodity designers, it has also been actively involved in industry-academic cooperation. In fact, the adhesive tape dispenser that Professor Jung-Sheng Chen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Product Design at Tainan University of Technology, helped develop with a manufacturer won the world-renowned iF Product Design Award. Tainan University of Technology was also ranked among the world’s top 41 in iF’s cumulative award ranking list this year.

“It’s remarkable! The AVerVision visualizer is able to provide real-time recording and instantaneously show my drawing process to the whole class. My students reaped the most benefits from it!”
- Professor Jung-Sheng Chen, Assistant Professor, Product Design Department, Tainan University of Technology

Professor Chen is just as passionate towards educating his students as he is towards designing. Previously, to help his students understand the design principles better, he would use a video camera to record the lessons so that the students could review them after school by taking a closer look at the professor’s work. However, such methodology required video post-production and the result was unsatisfactory. Ever since Professor Chen introduced the AVerVision SPC300 into his classroom two years ago, it immediately received an unprecedented amount of compliments from students. In no time, the AVerVision SPC300 has become an indispensable teaching tool in the Commodity Product Designing Department.