Shin Kong WHS Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

AVerVision 300p helps dentists at medical conferences and in the lecture hall

Shin Kong WHS Memorial Hospital was founded in 1992 and has offered clinical service every day with 30 medical sections since then as a way to better facilitate the medical treatment of patients. The hospital does not only provide the best medical care and service but also puts forth great effort toward medical education. Since its founding, the dentistry department of Shin Kong Hospital has been devoted to the constant improvement of its particular specialties and providing patients with the best service. The hospital has passed the appraisal of six specialty societies and has become well-known for specialized medical treatment and clinical education.

Visualizers (document cameras) have drawn great attention for their applications in the education and business sectors. However, their functions and characteristics are not only helpful for educational and corporate operations, but also help to improve the professional training of dentists. We learned about the usage of visualizers (document cameras) in the medical field by joining on-the-spot dentistry teams.

Saves time & improves education quality

Visualizers (document cameras) help and benefit dentistry education a lot by not only saving preparation time and money spent on materials, but also promoting lively communication. Generally speaking, in the past, a lot of time was spent on the collection of materials before dentistry conferences: shooting individual cases of x-ray films with a camera and storing them in a computer for discussion. Poor image clarity plus filing, shooting, storing & acquiring an image without the ability to reshoot it were all inconveniences.

Dentists at Shin Kong Hospital said, “Now, we can use visualizers (document cameras) to assist lecturers during teaching conferences." Through utilizing the visualizer (document camera) appropriately, all the physicians could illustrate and compare the x-ray films at any time. And, attendees and instructing physicians could raise questions, voice opinions and make proposals about the problems found. The dentists feel that teaching in this way greatly promotes comprehension, and that the visualizer (document camera) has many other applications that would be helpful for medical education, benefitting both teachers and students.