Queen Eleanor Primary School, UK

Primary school IT coordinator and headmaster sing visualizers' praises

"Thanks to AVer Information for bringing this great resource to our school."
- Ann Davies, Class Teacher and IT Coordinator, Queen Eleanor Primary School.


Purchasing their first AVerVision130 visualizer (document camera) recently, staff and children at the Queen Eleanor Primary School in Milton Keynes have been astonished not only with the technology's power, but its incredible versatility. Based in Milton Keynes - a town renowned for progressive thinking - the fact that Queen Eleanor Primary School takes its technology so seriously perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise. Headmaster, Brian Kite, even runs a newsletter - ICTeachers - aimed at specialist technology educators, and its 280 pupils had been enjoying the benefits of interactive whiteboards and laptops in the school's classrooms for some time, when the Queen Eleanor discovered the AVerVision 130 visualizer (document camera).


It has though, made quite an impact.


Allowing teachers to enlarge small text to any size without a scanner or copier it has, for example, enabled Year 1 pupils to study books and texts that would usually have been too small to share, or that would be prohibitively expensive to buy in multiple copies. Many previously inaccessible works have been added to the school's teaching materials as a result. Year 6 pupils meanwhile, were able to zoom in and examine some objects that were too fragile to be passed around, using the unit's flexible head to view the items from multiple angles clearly, and in real time. The school is also delighted with the visualizer's (document camera's) versatility across the spectrum of subjects, its teachers having already conceived a wide range of applications, such as the video-capture of science experiments that can't be conducted 'live' because of health and safety guidelines.