Obchodna Akademia Secondary School, Slovakia

AVerVision300p increases teaching effectiveness by adding great visual components

Obchodna Akademia is a secondary school located in Hlohovec Town in Slovakia. This school is one of many educational institutions using AVerVision300p, and applied this teaching tool in various lessons such as IT, English, Geography and Business Science. They pay high attention to using this advanced technology in teaching because nowadays technology skills are increasingly important in most countries. Also, using new technology can show students that teachers take their learning seriously. The feedback from using AVerVision300p points out its effectiveness and benefits to the educational process. Teachers at Obchodna Akademia shared the following three sentiments about using AVerVision300p.


AVerVision300p gains attention and makes teaching visually rich

Teachers usually expect to teach with the full attention of their students. Motivation of students increases when they can see visual presentations, like mind maps or flow charts. Summarizing images or financial statements and so forth is best conveyed and understood in a visual way. AVerVision300p helps present a more substantial message in real-time than can be achieved with only words.


Not only more variety and interest, but also greater comprehension

Many concepts and ideas are understood visually, rather than verbally. AVerVision300p helps teachers display the information visually, and so aids learning. It really saves time, and improves the quality of teaching and the overall learning process. More specifically the image capture function can save images of teaching materials with high capacity, allowing for effective visual education.


AVerVision300p is user-friendly and easy to use

There is nothing more frustrating than having to wrestle with an unfamiliar piece of equipment in the presence of a class; however, this is not the case with AVerVision300p. Even teachers without rich technology skills find it easy to use in every way.