Modern School, India (II)

Instant sharing of materials makes impromptu teaching possible

Modern School is synonymous with quality education and is a pioneer for introducing all-round development to foster an all-round growth in its wards. It is the first private school in India, established in the year 1920. Modern School offers curriculum from grades 6-12 with a vision for excellence that provides a combination of the traditional Indian educational system with modern educational techniques and is often described as the most famous private school in India.

“The AVerVision visualizer is a really useful tool in the classroom, enabling the efficient utilization of resources which could not otherwise have been used”
- Mr. Sarkar, Head of the Computer Department, Modern School

Mr. Gautam Sarkar is the head of the computer science department at Modern School. Ever since he started using the AVerVision CP150 visualizer (document camera), he found that it can do much more for a classroom than just displaying documents. Now the CP150 is constantly connected to his computer and projector so that it is available for any need which may arise during a lesson.

“The AVerVision visualizer has enhanced the capabilities of the students as well as the teachers”
- Mr. Sarkar, Head of the Computer Department, Modern School

For Mr. Sarkar, the visualizer (document camera) has become an essential part of his classroom. He uses it every day to teach lessons on programming, numeracy and design. Its flexible gooseneck has been quite helpful in adjusting to achieve different angles and positions to capture and record images of classroom presentations. Operating the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) was so easy that other teachers have also started using it in their classes. As for Mr. Sarkar, the advantage is that it occupies less space than an overhead projector and is lightweight & portable, which makes it easily accessible within school.

“The instant sharing of text, graphics & 3-D objects makes impromptu teaching possible in the classroom”
- Mr. Sarkar, Head of the Computer Department, Modern School

The AVerVision visualizer (document camera) has made a great impact on daily classroom teaching at Modern School. During computer classes, intricate formulas of programming that are not so easy to explain on the board, are very simple to explain with the visualizer (document camera) by magnifying particular documents or images and then making important notes and highlights while discussing it with the students.

The sharing of class material has become so easy that students are able to see their own works and projects displayed instantly for the whole class to view, which is an added advantage to best meet lesson objectives. Students can get instant feedback on their works from other students. Thus, it helps develop student’s presentation skill as well as inspire interactivity and discussion among them in the classroom, including those students who never speak up. The sharing of a book’s content and minute details of 3-D objects such as RAM and processors has become very easy now that teachers have started using the visualizer (document camera).

Mr. Sarkar remarked, "We are always keen to use modern technology to enhance the existing teaching techniques and having an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) has greatly enhanced the capabilities of the teachers at Modern School. It has made teaching much simpler, more effective and interesting. The
AVerVision visualizer (document camera) is worth using in classroom teaching, and we desire to have more units of it in our school."