Modern School, India (I)

AVerPen makes class sessions more interactive and responsive

Modern School is synonymous with quality education and is a pioneer for introducing all-round development to foster an all-round growth in its wards. It is the first private school in India, established in the year 1920. Modern School offers curriculum from grades 6-12 with a vision for excellence that provides a combination of the traditional Indian educational system with modern educational techniques and is often described as the most famous private school in India.

“The AVerPen Teacher Pen is an amazing tool for controlling my students' activities, and yet, still give them the freedom to express their creativity”
- Mr. Sarkar, Head of the Computer Department, Modern School

Modern School has been a pioneer in adopting new technologies in education in order to groom its pupils in an effective and creative classroom learning environment. Mr. Gautam Sarkar, the head of the computer department at Modern School, is familiar with AVerVision visualizers (document cameras) and has been quite instrumental in implementing AVerPen application in classroom teachings which has significantly improved students’ in class performance and participation. He enjoys using AVerPen, as it comes with additional features comparable to IWBs, student voting systems, wireless presenters and wireless slates, all of which enhance Mr. Sarkar’s in class presentations.

“AVerPen brings creative learning into students’ hands, while the teacher leads them through lessons and demonstrations.”
- Mr. Sarkar, Head of the Computer Department, Modern School

It has become an essential classroom teaching tool as students and teachers can simultaneously interact with lesson material to enhance information understanding and retention, and conduct instant result assessment.

AVerPen has brought valuable benefits to Modern School classroom teachings. It has expanded the capabilities and applications of existing interactive tools like interactive whiteboards and visualizers (document cameras) in classrooms, and the teacher’s instruction is no longer confined to a limited group of students. With AVerPen, teachers are able to go through lesson material from anywhere in a classroom while pupils, as individuals or in groups, can simultaneously interact with each other. This has made students remain attentive in class and listen to teacher’s instructions more carefully.

“It will enrich classroom teaching, fun teaching, creativity and collaborative learning among students.”
- Mr. Sarkar, Head of Computer Department, Modern School

Common Uses

Student response & group response

AVerPen includes an answer selection keypad, allowing students to input answers to questions and then immediately display the results through the innovative AVer+ software*. The results assessment can be seen and discussed on the spot. The student response system is an excellent way to engage students in promoting high-level thinking, discussion and collaborative learning.

Easy annotation with AVer+ software

Comprehensible and easy to use annotation tools allow users to highlight and draw freehand lines, straight lines, add text, shapes and more. A variety of colors and sizes can also be chosen within each annotation function. Annotation is made simple whether used alone, with AVerPen, a visualizer (document camera) or interactive whiteboard. Teaching aids such as protractors, rulers, building blocks and other handy tools are also included for measuring and manipulating.


Modern School organized an inter-departmental training program for teachers and used a unique and innovative way of evaluating teachers’ feedback. Teachers were divided into groups and asked to answer questions using AVerPen’s group response feature. It was a fun activity and teachers found AVerPen to be quite a handy tool to use in class. Even some less confident teachers who were not familiar with IT tools could not resist wanting to use AVerPen in their classes.

Inter-school quiz competitions

From time to time, Modern School conducts inter-school quizzes, allowing students to input answers to questions and immediately display the results through the AVer+ software. Evaluation of student performance can be immediately accomplished and discussed.

“AVerPen has made class sessions more interactive and responsive.”
- Mr. Sarkar, Head of Computer Department, Modern School

AVerPen, being a plug and play device, is quite easy to use, and there is no more need to worry about being late in completing class sessions or missing class materials. This allows both teachers and students to interact with lesson material at the same time, rather than wasting precious time by taking turns or passing around interactive tools.

*AVer+ 1.5 is now known as A+ Interactive Software 1.