Modern English School Cairo, Egypt

Chemical reactions and dissections are easily seen by all

Modern English School Cairo boasts 1,983 students from 30 nations and a state-of-the-art campus in New Cairo, Egypt. The school has the following to say about its approach to education, “The Modern English School Cairo is a community, which provides a high quality education for children of Foundation One to university entrance level, serving the educational needs of the indigenous and international families in Cairo.” “We recognize the importance of each individual and his/her relationship with others. There is a commitment to promote international understanding and responsible citizenship in a multicultural context, where students will be influenced by the best of Arab, Western and other world cultures.” 

AVerVisionSPC300 streamlines lessons in science class

Mr. Emad Ramdan is a science teacher at Modern English School Cairo, who was recently offered the opportunity to test out the AVerVision SPC300 in his class. He said that as a science teacher his lessons usually require a high level of visual representation, therefore trying to illustrate certain scientific concepts visually to a large number of students without the assistance of an educational tool like the visualizer (document camera) can often be time consuming, expensive and an all-around hassle. Integrating the visualizer (document camera) into his lessons has allowed Mr. Ramdan to carry out class instruction more efficiently and more effectively on the whole. By connecting his computer to the visualizer (document camera), Mr. Ramdan was able to switch between slides on his computer to the visualizer (document camera) at the touch of a single button, making it easier to keep the class’ attention throughout an entire lesson, and ultimately, making it easier for the students to comprehend the material.

“The visualizer’s ability to demonstrate concepts and contribute to education is limitless.”
- Mr. Emad Ramdan, Science Teacher, Modern English School Cairo

Microscopic, 3-D, living… the visualizer shows it all

The ability to show a real-time image of practically any object was one of the most unique and impressive features of the visualizer (document camera) for Mr. Ramdan. With a traditional overhead projector, it would be impossible to show a chemical reaction or demonstrate dissecting a frog in real-time, but with the visualizer (document camera) one can do exactly that. Mr. Ramdan noticed that all types of plant and animal samples, both living and dead, could be displayed with great clarity using the visualizer (document camera). And, with the addition of a microscope attachment, a teacher could use the visualizer (document camera) to show microscopic slides, an especially important feature for those teachers having to deal with large class sizes. Looking back at all he was able to do with the visualizer (document camera), Mr. Ramdan said he believes “the visualizer’s (document camera's) ability to demonstrate concepts and contribute to education is limitless.”

Sharing research piques students’ interests

Mr. Ramdan was quite pleased with the usefulness of the AVerVision SPC300’s accompanying software, particularly its recording feature. Mr. Ramdan said that it was very helpful to him to be able to record demonstrations done with the visualizer (document camera) to use as teaching aids in future lessons and to give to his students as study aids. On top of using the visualizer (document camera) to record his lessons, Mr. Ramdan allowed his students to use the equipment to record and share research findings. He said that having the students share research in this manner gave them a more comprehensive understanding of the material in a relatively shorter period of time. In the end, Mr. Ramdan said that using the AVerVision SPC300 has certainly changed his teaching style for the better… teaching is now more exciting for him and learning is more fun and exciting for his students.

AVer would like to thank Modern English School Cairo and Computek International for providing this case study.