Marsh Gibbon CE School, UK

Drama and literacy lessons are more interactive with a visualizer

Miss Clare Jefferies recently acquired an AVerVision 150 for her classroom, as she thought it would be a great visual aid for displaying documents to her students. However, since she began using the visualizer (document camera), she has found that it can do much more for a classroom than just display documents, and for this reason it always stays connected to her computer and projector so that it's available for any need that may arise during a lesson.

"Children can have instant feedback on their work from others and they are able to share in their successes and praise."
- Miss Claire Jefferies, Teacher, Marsh Gibbon CE School 

Uses Miss Jefferies has found for her visualizer (document camera) include demonstrations of how to complete class work; children can easily see the demonstration from their desk, and they can be directed on where to look. It has proven useful in literacy lessons where children are able to put drawings in a sequence; Miss Jefferies is then able to add annotations and capture the image for further discussion in future lessons. The class has also used it in Drama lessons where they are asked to act out characters in stories on the camera as it records.

This visualizer (document camera) has become an essential tool in the Marsh Gibbon CE School classroom. Miss Clare Jefferies is familiar with other visualizers (document cameras) and when asked what advantage the AVerVision 150 holds over other visualizers (document cameras), she said, "It is portable, easy to connect to the PC, easy to use and the gooseneck is ideal for swiveling around to take photographs and video. It is a useful tool for the modern classroom.”