Live Streams for 12 Classes are Assisted by AVer CC30s at Taipei Municipal Ren Ai Junior School

Ren Ai Junior School in Taipei City, Taiwan, organized a public demonstration of mobile learning by the team of model teachers.

"Thanks to AVer CC30, to livestream lessons is so easy. All we did is to connect it into a laptop, then do live streaming on YouTube. Even we made it 12 classes at the same time, the bandwidth is still sufficient.”
- teacher Yang, Ren Ai Junior High School


Taipei Municipal Ren Ai Junior School in Taipei City, Taiwan, organized a public demonstration of mobile learning by the team of model teachers. 11 subjects including Performing Art, Living Science and Technology, Physic and Chemistry, Mathematics, Music, History, English, Chinese Literature, Civics, Biology, and Sports are taught in 12 different classrooms and live streamed on YouTube. The purpose is to share the idea of open classes through live streaming to accomplish mobile teaching/learning.

Technology Integration into Teaching/learning

AVer’s CC30classroom video conferencing camera has been adopted by Ren Ai Junior High School for years and used for this event. 12 CC30s together with laptops are separately installed in 12 classrooms to perform live streaming. The user-friendly way of use is the best part for teachers to do video recording and live streaming through just one button on CC30’s exclusive value-added software – CaptureShare. Besides, its super wide 120 degree view angle camera allows all people in the classroom being covered, and wireless microphone let all being heard clearly. Not like before, you need a camera man to control the angle of view and a receiver to upload the live streaming video onto platforms.

Teaching/learning Online Extends to Offline

The evolving technology of live stream on education not only helps teachers to tutor anytime anywhere, but also assists students and parents to watch on any devices, including PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc. as long as you have internet connection.

Moreover, live stream on education has the possibility to make up the gap of resources between urban and rural areas. CC30 is especially developed according to the need of teaching/learning, and the first video conferencing camera designed for classroom in the world. Seeing the trend of distance learning and live stream on education, CC30 is able to be used as a simple video conferencing camera; also, it can achieve the purpose of video recording and livestreaming at the same time. In a word, teaching and learning efficiency is highly enhanced thanks to the synergy of teaching/learning online extending to offline via CC30.

AVer would like to thank for Ren Ai Junior High School for their valuable assistance in creating this case study.

Installation Diagram

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