Lincoln American School, Taiwan

CP155 visualizer helps pre-schoolers get a head start in English

Lincoln American School boasts an English immersion learning environment, spacious classroom settings and a professional teaching staff for its students. After 20 years of operation, Lincoln has earned the complete trust of parents along the way. Now, with the help of its latest teaching tool, the AVerVision visualizer (document camera), Lincoln can provide pre-school children with a full range of educational activities in an even more fun, relaxing manner, giving them a strong foundation of learning for their future elementary school studies.

According to research, pre-school-aged children learn mainly through the use of images. As tools of curriculum design, the use of illustrated books, 3-dimensional objects and step-by-step learning have proven to be more effective than words or characters in drawing the attention of young students, and thus better able to motivate learning. The AVerVision visualizer (document camera) allows Lincoln’s teachers to enlarge colorful images and objects for the entire class without reducing image quality, helping develop curiosity and active learning skills in young students without taxing their eyesight.

Turning small books into large books: making phonics learning fun

Lincoln insists on an all-English learning environment in order to give students constant exposure to proper English pronunciation. Through the use of the AVerVision visualizer (document camera), the pictures, words, letters and phonetic symbols inside educational books can be enlarged and viewed clearly by the students without the need for them to leave their seats. With this device, teachers can devise an entire curriculum with limited teaching materials and design an endless number of exciting educational classroom games from the convenience of their own desks.

In one of Lincoln’s classrooms, Teacher Paul places a storybook underneath the camera of the AVerVision CP155 visualizer (document camera). Suddenly the small images of the book are projected in large scale - and in clear resolution - upon the classroom wall, immediately catching the eyes of each student. The entire class begins to recite the easily-visible words, showing a new, eager attitude toward the lesson. Later, for one of his classroom games, Paul separates the students into two teams and uses the visualizer (document camera) to show a series of words on the wall. Students view the words and try to become the first to recite the long and short vowel sounds of each word. The visualizer (document camera) allows all students to clearly see the enlarged images, successfully drawing their participation throughout the game. The keen interest in the game allows both teams to get the maximum educational benefit, and also helps Paul maintain order and enthusiasm among all his students.

Origami made easy as students and teachers work in tandem

The practice of origami has traditionally been one of the most effective step-by-step educational tools for developing coordination, concentration and creativity in young students, giving them a sense of accomplishment through their unique paper creations. In the past, because colored paper was usually smaller, students needed to crowd around the teacher to watch origami demonstrations, causing limited views for some students and disrupting classroom order, ultimately reducing the effect of the lesson. With the AVerVision visualizer (document camera), teachers can perform demonstrations under the camera, projecting their actions in large scale using a 24 frames-per-second real-time video display. Students can remain in their seats and follow the step-by-step folding process with quickness and ease.

By simply working underneath the camera sensor for the AVerVision visualizer (document camera), Teacher Paul can make any demonstration accessible to each of his students. Each step of the origami folding process can be projected and enlarged in full detail onto the classroom wall or screen. What’s more, the colored paper used by Paul is the same size as that belonging to the students, thus increasing the students’ chances of successfully following his steps. Using the visualizer (document camera), students can follow complicated origami designs with small, precise folding angles. Here, Paul is demonstrating how to create the beak for a talking bird, a design featuring a number of intricate steps. Before the use of the AVerVision visualizer (document camera), teachers would need to frequently pause demonstrations to ensure that each student was following along properly, thus often affecting the quality of the completed designs. But now, with the AVerVision CP155 visualizer (document camera), each step of the teachers’ demonstrations can be clearly projected onto the large screen or wall, allowing students to follow the folding process virtually in sync with their teachers. As designs can be completed more quickly and effectively, teachers can make more efficient use of valuable classroom time while helping students gain more satisfaction from their own creations.

Lincoln American School also utilizes the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) during the teaching of English songs. By simply placing songbooks under the camera, song lyrics and accompanying illustrations are projected for students on the wall or screen at an easily-viewed size, eliminating the need for repeated readings or photocopying. Students can strengthen memory and learning skills by learning new songs easily, enabling them to sing loudly and confidently along with their teachers in a fun learning environment.

AVerVision CP155: a great educational companion for kids

The AVerVision CP155 visualizer (document camera) contains a 3.2-megapixel camera lens with a magnifying function that can project the smallest of letters, including phonetic symbols, onto a large surface without losing picture quality. The sharpness of the images helps protect the vision of young, growing eyes while the large, colorful images help keep the attention of easily-distracted students, encouraging creativity and imagination. The device also comes with a frame rate of 24fps that can project fluid, real-time video for dynamic classroom lessons. With the AVerVision CP155’s flexible gooseneck design, teachers can film students at a number of angles and project the enlarged image onto the wall or screen. Students will delight at seeing their classmates “on the big screen” just like movie stars, gaining an increased desire and confidence to perform in public.

And the benefits are not limited to students. Teachers at Lincoln have also been delighted with their new teaching tool, the AVerVision CP155, as it gives their creative minds unlimited possibilities when planning lessons. According to Teacher Paul, the “AVerVision CP155 visualizer (document camera) provides excellent quality and proves itself to be an efficient tool for conveying information, which is an invaluable tool that can be utilized in almost any classroom situation!”