Ji-Sui Primary School, Taiwan

AVerVision300AF makes foriegn languages fun to learn

Ji-Sui Primary School, Taipei, Taiwan, has more than 50 years of teaching experience. The school aims to provide a bilingual environment that enhances English learning for all students. The AVerVision300AF visualizer (document camera) has become the teachers’ favorite teaching tool in English classes.

Teach efficiently

Amy Li, a senior English teacher at Ji-Sui Primary School, used the AVerVision300AF to show how to do an exercise on the projected screen step-by-step. The students could then easily follow these steps to complete their exercises. She also used the visualizer (document camera) to get the students’ attention in class by using the zoom function to zoom in on a particular section in the textbook so that the students could follow her more easily.

In writing lessons, instead of drawing lines on the board for the students to fill out the correct answers, Ms. Li simply used the AVerVision300AF to capture and project the image of the exercise from the textbook onto the board. This helped her to save the drawing time and allowed her to control the class pace more easily.

Correct pronunciation made easy

The AVerVision300AF makes real-time motion display possible. Ms. Li used the visualizer (document camera) to make sure students have a closer view of her mouth so that she could show them how to pronounce each English syllable correctly. This allowed the students to learn the techniques for proper English pronunciation better than before.

Eye-catching show-and-tell

In English storytelling class, students had to make a story booklet and then use it to tell a story. First, Ms. Li used the AVerVision300AF to show the class how to make a story booklet by projecting the steps on the screen. Students could clearly see each step which made it easy to follow at the same time. After Ms. Li finished making the booklet, she demonstrated to the class how to use the booklet under the visualizer (document camera) to tell a story. Students then followed her example to perform impressive show-and-tell presentations in class. For those students who were especially shy about presenting in front of their classmates, Ms. Li recorded their presentations in advance using the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) with the AVerVision software, so that they could also share their works in class.

With the AVerVision300AF, Ms. Li could simply use any 3-D materials to teach in class without making extra photocopies, thus efficiently reducing preparation time for lessons. The visualizer (document camera) also helped students to stay interested in class and allowed Ms. Li to control the pace of the class more easily. Now, the students at Ji-Sui Primary School say they look forward to attending their English classes.