Amplified Collaboration Takes Center Stage at Hospital Pakar Damansara 2

With AVer’s CAM570 and Expansion Speakerphones

Hospital Pakar Damansara 2 (HPD2), a distinguished private healthcare institution in Malaysia renowned for its cutting-edge facilities, recently underwent a transformative upgrade in its conference room communication systems, resulting in a more engaging and scalable user experience.

In Search of a Versatile Conferencing System

HPD2 needed an easy-to-manage communications setup that seamlessly accommodates diverse meeting requirements across various internal departments as well as with external stakeholders. Following a comprehensive evaluation of various AV solutions, HPD2 selected AVer for its unparalleled combination of flexibility, advanced technology, and competitive pricing.

AVer Solution: CAM570 and Expansion Speakerphones

Replacing the obsolete gooseneck microphone system, HPD2 implemented a comprehensive audio-visual solution centered on the AVer CAM570 camera and expansion speakerphones tailored to its U-shaped conference table layout. AVer’s customized solution for HPD2 included the CAM570 with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities, 4K dual lenses, and advanced voice tracking for a premium video conferencing experience. Its sleek design also complemented AVer’s expansion speakerphones with daisy-chain capability, which simplified cable management for both clean aesthetics and effortless audio coverage.


  • PTZ capabilities: Enables flexible camera positioning for optimal viewing angles.
  • 4K dual lenses: Delivers crystal-clear video quality, enhancing the overall visual experience.
  • Voice tracking: Ensures clear and focused audio by automatically adjusting to the speaker’s position.
  • Key features of AVer expansion speakerphones:
    1. Tangle-free meetings: With daisy-chain capability, it’s goodbye to cable clutter.
    2. Compact design: Minimizes the footprint of audio devices on the conference table.
    3. Crystal-clear audio: Hear every nuance and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Results: Crystal-Clear Collaboration from Every Room

AVer's CAM570 and expansion speakerphones transformed HPD2's conference room dynamics. Advanced smart camera features and pristine audio now facilitate a more immersive and engaging experience for participants in both internal and external meetings. Notably, AVer's speakerphones streamlined cable management and revamped the conference room with a more professional look and feel.

Impressed with the success of this upgrade, HPD2 is considering extending the AVer conference solution to its other meeting rooms and offices, demonstrating the solution’s scalability and effectiveness.

Hospital Pakar Damansara 2’s success with AVer showcased the power of advanced yet accessible AV solutions to reimagine collaborative spaces. From internal meetings to external engagements, a simple U-shaped table is now elevated to a hub of clarity and collaboration. AVer’s solution is paving the way for its adoption across the entire institution, a testament to its potential to enhance communications in the healthcare sector.

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