Hacettepe University, Turkey

AVerVision SPC300 is "the new pain reliever"

The Hacettepe University, a state university in Turkey, was found in 1967. The university offers several languages of education, including Turkish, English, French and German. There are currently 13 faculties available. The Department of Nuclear Engineering at Hacettepe University is the only department nationwide that offers an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering.

Since incorporating the AVerVision SPC300 into the classrooms, instructors have been able to conduct presentations in a more efficient way. With the ability to show much visual content, courses tend to be more fruitful and presentations become clearer. Moreover, the visualizer (document camera) offers instructors an alternative way of presenting a subject. Writing on the board is avoidable with this new teaching tool. Instructors can prepare course notes in advance and then simply project them on a wall or screen. Materials which are hard to present on the board, such as tables or printed materials are now instantly digitized and easy to present.

With the arrival of the AVerVision SPC300, teachers, especially those suffering from chronic hip pain who have received medical advice not to stand for long periods of time, are able to present all the materials effectively while sitting down. No need to stand, no more aching muscles after long class hours. This has been a big relief for teachers and instructors. After using the visualizer (document camera), instructors at Hacettepe University exclaim that the AVerVision SPC300 is a beneficial, versatile and easy-to-use educational tool for many different courses offered in the department.