Hocheng Corporation (HCG)

Video Conferencing Solution with the AVer VC520 Pro

"It takes less than 10 minutes to set up these MIT products, which makes them very convenient to use. They offer high-quality audio pickup and maintain constant clarity. Even when we speak softly, meeting participants at our overseas branches can still hear us clearly."

- Hocheng Group Administration Office Manager Paul Wu

HCG was established by Ho-Cheng Chiu in Taiwan’s Yingge district in 1931. Over 89 years, HCG has grown exponentially—not just in Taiwan but also across the globe. Their old video conferencing equipment couldn’t meet the growing need for contacting overseas branches and holding monthly board meetings. After HCG IT specialists compared and tested a variety of brands, they chose the AVer VC520 Pro as their video conferencing solution.

AVer VC520 Pro is ideal for running efficient video conferences, but it also features livestreaming capability. It’s a dual-purpose system that perfectly meets the requirements of HCG.