Eniwa Municipal Megumino-Asahi Elementary School, Japan

DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera Offers Perfect Solution to Online Teaching

DL30 cameras are needed for online teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Kondo Masashi
Head of the Research Department and Second-Grade Teacher
Eniwa Municipal Megumino-Asahi Elementary School

In October 2021, a DL30 AI auto tracking PTZ distance learning camera became operational at the Eniwa Municipal Megumino-Asahi Elementary School. Mr. Kondo Masashi, who is the head of the Research Department and a second-grade teacher at the school, described to us in an interview on how the DL30 camera earned his trust with its excellent functions and easy usability from the very beginning.

Mr. Kondo considered this camera a must-have for future learning, so he requested the school to purchase one and was approved. Regarding the AVer DL30 camera, “I think it’s wonderful”, said Mr. Kondo. A key factor for the introduction of the camera was the need to switch to online teaching due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“In Hokkaido, the opportunities for online activities are abundant. For example, the kids used to watch the games outdoor during sports meets, but ever since the pandemic we decided it was safer to watch it in the classroom. To achieve this, we used to film the games with a camera, and send the videos to each classroom through the school’s broadcast system. During the filming, a staff member would need to stay outdoor with the camera the entire time. Similar to the sports meets, we also decided to hold the learning achievements fair online, which was filmed in the same way as the former with a staff member operating the camera.”

As such, Mr. Kondo wanted to find a camera that would make the filming process easier, and thus started conducting searches online.

“I was searching for a camera with wide-angle lens that supports pan–tilt–zoom controls but had been unsuccessful. Then, one day, I happened to mention the issue to an acquittance, who was also a teacher. He then showed me products from AVer Information.” He recalled.

“Afterwards, while I was discussing with a salesperson from AVer, I discovered the DL30 model that had built-in wide-angle lens and could film HD videos from a long distance.”

“If you need a good device for distance learning and online seminars, I would definitely recommend a Wi-Fi camera with wide-angle lens, rather than an ordinary one.”

In addition to the functionalities that meets the school’s needs, the high-tech features such as AI auto tracking have played an even greater role in the school’s decision to make its purchase.

DL30 cameras offer nearly face-to-face teaching experience.

Distance learning and hybrid classrooms have now become the new normal. The DL30 camera is a PTZ camera that offers ideal online learning experiences while also reducing the physical and psychological burdens of class preparations. With DL30’s 12X optical zoom, it can film HD videos from a far distance while the captured movements remain fluid and vivid. The wide-angle lens can also cover objects around the blackboard and allow mid-distance tracking of the teacher.

The biggest feature is the “AI-powered auto human detection and tracking” function, which can capture the target even when the camera is moving its viewing angle.

Auto tracking includes two modes: the first one is Presenter tracking, which automatically adjusts how the tracked target is shown on the screen, either in full shots or medium shots. The tracked target can also be easily changed to another target via the remote.

The other mode is Zone tracking, whichautomatically tracks the target once it enters the preset area and will adjusts the filming angles accordingly. Hence, the focus is emphasized on the content for sharing and learning, such as that on the blackboard.

No complex settings are required. With one press of a button, the system will recognize and track the first person that enters the area. As the camera can automatically turn by itself, the teacher is able to walk around freely in the classroom without having to worry about the camera position or angles. Distance learning can be just like ordinary face-to-face teaching, and even hybrid classrooms can be carried out effortlessly.

The AI-powered recording offers such a lifelike experience that teaching remote children feels almost like a face-to-face interaction.

Easily connected to a computer and highly portable, the camera can be used in a vast variety of environments, such as stadiums and classrooms.

It operates like a professional photographer onsite.

DL30 cameras in online teaching and school activities.

The school has a learning achievements fair, during which the students put on plays, sing songs and play musical instruments. The DL30 camera was first put into use to record a play by the sixth graders.

“Just before the fair, I put out the news on the Internet while I was rehearsing with the kids. Usually, all the grades would gather together in the stadium and take turns to rehearse. But after the Covid-19 outbreak, we started using Google Classroom to share the videos so that both the students in the stadium and the classrooms can see what’s going on.”

The DL30 is placed at the center of the stadium. In one class, the teacher needed to switch from AI auto tracking to manual operation.

The easy mode switch is one of the many advantages offered by the camera. With remote control functionality, the teacher can enjoy the zooming effects while looking at the computer screen.

“I myself also use the DL30 camera in class. Like the online biology class that’s in cooperation with the community, you can talk online with the staff at the salmon center via Zoom and hear what they’ve got to say.”

“The good thing about this camera is that it records all the captured footages no matter where it is placed – in front of the classroom or on the side at an angle. But when the kids are talking, they talk to the big screen. Hence, we eventually placed the camera at the side of the screen, near where the kids will look at. This way, the teacher on the screen can make eye contact with the kids, making the class more interactive. So I think it’s better to place it in front of the kids.”

“The AI tracking feature is easy to use and maintains a smooth operation when changing the presenter. Even if you are away from the camera, you can still see the video on the computer.”

Mr. Kondo is constantly optimizing the method of recording, such as the position of the camera and the mode to use. He is studying how to use the DL30 camera more efficiently.

The DL30 camera offers all the features I need.

Mr. Kondo who worked in a Japanese school in Prague: “I spent one year teaching online teaching there.”

“I never expected such a wonderful thing could exist. I used to place the camera on my laptop at an angle towards myself and the blackboard. But then, I discovered the letters were too small to be readable and the images were too blurry, so I had to pull the camera closer as I continued the teaching. Each day I would teach these kind of online classes for six hours and do all the scientific experiments by hand.

“I would prepare two laptops, with one placed on a box to focus on my hand, and the other to focus on myself. But now that I have the DL30 camera, it is extremely easy to have the camera switch between different focuses. It offers all the features I need.

“I have two sons, one in middle school and another in high school. For parents, it is often a great pleasure to watch their kids participate in elementary school activities. But it may be difficult to teach classes or carry out activities in front of the parents. I think if the use of such digital devices becomes more wide-spread in classes and school fairs, it will be much easier for the parents to watch.

Mr. Kondo wants to provide the kids with an environment that better facilitates learning, as the children will be more motivated to learn when given more freedom in learning. However, Mr. Kondo also mentions that he would like to put the DL30 camera into more diverse use, rather than using it as merely an ICT device. Other than distance learning and hybrid classrooms, AVer’s DL30 cameras are also used in various learning scenarios, such as in community cooperation projects, allowing children’s efforts and achievements to be spread outside of the school.

* This content is an authorized re-edited version of an article published online.

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