Dvorniky Elementary School, Slovakia

Visualizers have become the standard at Dvorniky Elementary School

Dvorniky Elementary School is located in the town of Dvorniky, Slovakia. There are currently 201 primary school students and 47 kindergarten students in attendance at Dvorniky Elementary School. The staff consists of 19 teachers and 9 non-teaching personnel. The school outlines a series of learning objectives, such as “develop pupils' communication skills in native and foreign languages, develop pupils' ability to solve problems, and develop pupils’ ability to work with modern information technology.”

Visualizers help in many ways

At Dvorniky Elementary School, visualizers (document cameras) have become an integral part of practically every lesson in the “interactive classroom.” Teachers at Dvorniky Elementary were pleased to see that the AVerVision CP130 they had obtained helped them to facilitate class preparations. They noticed that using the visualizer (document camera) helped to motivate their pupils to be more actively involved in class, and even seemed to inspire more creativity in the students, as well. The teachers used the visualizer (document camera) to capture and display images of photographs, pictures and textbooks onto the interactive whiteboard. The visualizer (document camera) was a big help for showing the students real objects in biology class, historical records in social studies class, and maps in geography class. The AVerVision CP130’s flexible moving arm and various functions were all well utilized in everyday lessons. Teachers were able to enlarge and rotate the projected objects and change the brightness, too. The instructors at Dvorniky Elementary thought the interactive software that came with their visualizer (document camera) had many interesting features, and they liked how they could use an interactive pen with the visualizer (document camera) to add missing information, change the information being displayed or make a note of what’s important.

Visualizers are a modern, technical educational tool which makes the learning process flexible, compatible, and motivating for students. Using the visualizer together with the interactive board allows for completely effective interactive teaching.”
- Teacher, Dvorniky Elementary School

Studying maps is so much easier with a visualizer

A great example of the benefits of using the visualizer (document camera) can be seen in a geography lesson involving maps. The orientation of the map was a very important component of this particular lesson. Using the visualizer (document camera), a teacher can display the map on the interactive whiteboard, and the students can work on the map this way. When the students work with real maps, especially antique ones, they don’t have the ability to draw on them. But using the visualizer (document camera), they can write notes on the image of the map and mark different geographical phenomena, too. This kind of work encourages students to be active and creative in class; and, most important of all, it increases the students’ knowledge of the subject.

Visualizers make work easier for teachers

One of the greatest benefits of using a visualizer (document camera) is that the components of a particular day’s lesson can be saved, edited, and then re-used in future classes. This method of interactive teaching helps to facilitate daily preparation for teachers. At Dvorniky Elementary School, visualizers (document cameras) have become a key element of the teachers’ approach to in-class instruction.

AVer would like to thank Dvorniky Elementary School and eTechnology for providing this case study.