Delhi Private School, Dubai

AVerVison300AF makes inquisitive students want to learn even more

Delhi Private School (DPS), Dubai, with over 7 years of teaching experience, was initially established due to the growing needs of the multi-cultural community in Dubai. DPS offers CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) certification based on the Indian child-centered curriculum, and commits to provide a joyful and hand-in-hand learning environment with the inculcation of values of integrity, compassion, authenticity, tolerance and leadership.

“This device is a big boon for the English department and a very handy tool in the science labs!”
- Ms. Shabnam, Head of the Computer Department, DPS

Teachers at DPS are no strangers to technology having already used interactive whiteboards and projectors. Therefore, when they embraced the AVerVision300AF, no training was required. In science labs, teachers used to present microscopic slides by having students crowd around one microscope, waiting to see the image. But now, by connecting the AVerVision300AF to a microscope, every student in the classroom has an excellent view of the microscopic details projected on the screen. By using the visualizer (document camera), tiny objects, insects, plants, leaves... almost anything imaginable could be magnified several times its original dimensions to get a crystal clear, full image.

It was a delightful surprise for teachers that the visualizer (document camera) was so handy to use. The students are very excited about this new addition into their laboratory and are already using the features to enhance their learning experience. This has also given them a chance to become better presenters for their research projects.

The benefits of using the AVerVision300AF are not just for teachers, students are also pleased to have this new learning tool. “Creating a PowerPoint presentation of my research findings is actually a pain for me… and I can avoid this by just showing them my work using this visualizer (document camera),” said Namrata. “It is quite inspiring for doing creative activities… we have a passion to do such creative stuff in the future!” Deborah commented.

The students also found the video recording and image capturing features of the AVerVision300AF very useful for showing their assignments and research. “It lets me become inquisitive to learn more and more…” said Lakshana, a student at DPS.