Decelect, France

Bridging continents and protocols with the AVer HVC330 & AVer VCBridge

French ESVDI components designer and manufacturer Decelect stays on top of production quality at its overseas facilities by combining H.323 video conferencing and Skype™ video calling through AVer’s HVC330 video conferencing system and one-of-a-kind VCBridge.


Decelect, a French ESVDI (Energy, Security, Voice, Data and Image) components design and manufacture firm, approached AVer France in late 2012 to find a video conferencing solution that could meet the requirements of their increasingly international business. Decelect explained that they were experiencing numerous barriers to communication when video calling with coworkers at the company’s Tunisian factory. Specifically, they were having trouble clearly viewing the components being produced, rendering it nearly impossible to judge whether the quality of the products was acceptable or unacceptable. Adding to the complexity of their situation, Decelect’s staff in Tunisia did not plan to purchase a standards-based video conferencing system, so any video conferencing solution Decelect implemented must be able to bridge the standard H.323/SIP protocols used by most video conferencing systems and the proprietary protocol used by Skype™. Luckily for Decelect, AVer had just the solution for them.


To meet the specific requirements set forth by Decelect, an AVer HVC330 multipoint video conferencing system and AVer VCBridge were installed at the company’s headquarters in Soissons, France. With HD codec, PTZ camera, multiple microphones, 4-site multipoint connection, one-touch recording, content sharing and a 3-year standard warranty all included in the AVer HVC330’s standard package, Decelect was able to attain a high performance video conferencing system at a remarkably inexpensive price-point. However, it was VCBridge, AVer’s exclusive VC-Skype™ integration tool, which affirmed AVer as Decelect’s video conferencing provider of choice. By combining VCBridge and HVC330, staff at Decelect’s head office in Soissons could not only call up to 8 Skype™ users at one time, including their colleagues in Tunisia, but call multiple standards-based video conferencing systems and have them join the call as well.


Decelect was pleasantly surprised by the ease of setup and operation of their AVer video conferencing solution, noting it took a mere 10 minutes to master the system’s controls. And it wasn’t long after installation that Decelect began reaping the benefits of their new video conferencing solution. A weekly video conference between the headquarters in France and the factory in Tunisia was quickly established to discuss the quality of manufactured products as well as the methodology for the manufacture of new products. Business travel (and all the expenses that come with it) was greatly reduced, as was the number of conference calls conducted over the telephone.

AVer’s free VCLink mobile app and free ScreenShare wireless content sharing software were icing on the cake for Decelect, providing staff with unique ways to wirelessly stream live images and computer content during any video conference. Decelect already has plans to use their AVer video conferencing solution to present new products to potential buyers in China, expanding its business while minimizing costs.

Organization profile

Founded in 1968, Decelect is a French specialist in the design and manufacture of ESVDI (Energy, Security, Voice, Data and Image) components. Known for its expertise by leading French and international companies, Decelect offers its customers efficient manufacturing units to develop mature products with a value per money matching the most demanding customers.

AVer would like to thank AVer France and Decelect for their pivotal roles in creating this case study.