Dame Tipping CE Primary School, UK

Visualizers are perfect for showing 3-D objects and complementing IWBs

"I am a huge fan of the AVerVision visualizer!"
- Chris Botha, Teacher, Dame Tipping CE Primary School

Mr. Chris Botha is an infant teacher at Dame Tipping CE Primary School. He heard of the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) through the London Borough of Havering Inspection and Advisory Service and thought he would try one out. He set up his AVerVision300AF so that it could either be used as a camera for live demonstrations, or with his interactive whiteboard, to take full advantage of the software capabilities provided by the AVerVision software.  

The visualizer (document camera) has now become a permanent fixture in Mr. Botha’s classroom. He uses it every day to teach lessons for Numeracy, Literacy, History, Design & Technology and Science. It's used for instructing students on how to complete a worksheet. It is also used to display 3-D objects for discussion (i.e., coins, artifacts, student work). It has even become useful for displaying science experiments for the entire classroom to see from their seats.  

"(Pupils) are able to work and learn in a supportive group rather than in isolation."
- Chris Botha, Teacher, Dame Tipping CE Primary School

"As a teacher I find the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) to be a tremendously useful tool," says Mr. Botha, "and its ability to easily interface with my PC is particularly attractive." He is correct; the AVerVision300AF comes with user-friendly software that integrates well with other classroom tools such as interactive whiteboards, personal computers and printers. A teacher is able to record lessons via the visualizer (document camera) directly to a PC for use in a later lesson.

When we asked Mr. Botha why he loved his AVerVision300AF, he said, "The main advantages I have seen over similar technology are its ease-of-use, the accuracy of its auto settings, and its ability to project a real camera image over an old overhead projector outline on to my interactive whiteboard.