Chi Sing Eco-Conservation Foundation, Taiwan

Visualizers provide urban youths with an intimate new look at the world of bats

For over 10 years, the Chi Sing Eco-Conservation Foundation has been committed to conducting environmental research, raising educational awareness, and building new ecological communities in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1998, the group has put all its efforts into maintaining the natural beauty of Taiwan’s ecology and improving the living environment for all citizens. In 2005, Chi Sing established a biodiversity training program for young eco-watchers and nature tour guides. This program helps lay a strong foundation of ecological knowledge in the young generation, while bestowing on them a rich sense of the wonders of our natural environment.

Traditionally, ecological observation classes revolve around teachers giving presentations in the classroom while students either line up at the desk or struggle to peer over the heads of their classmates, all just to get a simply adequate chance to observe the subject at hand. This approach is often a waste of valuable teaching time and can severely limit a child’s attention span and enthusiasm for learning. To find a new and more successful strategy, Chi Sing set up the Nature Observation Youth Workshop, taught by Ching-Feng Lin, a well-known Taiwanese nature educator and blogger. Through this course, participating students can get the most out of ecological observations and learn more about our friends in nature. Using the AVerVision CP155 visualizer (document camera) and its 16X total zoom function, Lin is able to introduce his young students to the appearance and behavior of bats by capturing images of their wings, front and hind limbs, transparent joints, and even the small tail, all in perfect detail. The class provides urban students with a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with our flying, cave-dwelling friends.

The AVerVision CP155 visualizer's (document camera's) use in the ecological observation course enhances the whole ecological learning experience for students by making powerful features and capabilities easy to setup, simple to use, and very convenient for Lin to incorporate into class activities. This ingenious device is able not only to display the bat’s most intricate and minute physical structures clearly, but also to overcome the difficulties in Lin's class of capturing a quality image of the bat's body, which is in constant movement. The images are captured successfully by the visualizer's (document camera's) freeze frame function. Everything, including measuring the wingspan, observing hind toes while hanging asleep, studying how the transparency of joints changes as the bat ages, viewing the miniature tail, and comparing the unique characteristics of each species, can be performed using the visualizer’s (document camera's) auto focus and image capture features. With the ability to freeze live images and present students fascinating footage and stills in vibrant quality, the teacher can lead young students directly into the amazing world of bats and create an exciting and interactive learning environment.

Of course, the biggest problem Lin faces is when the bats cannot keep still. They either don’t stop fidgeting or else they fly around the room. But with the AVerVision CP155 visualizer (document camera), these worries are virtually eliminated! The AVerVision CP155 sports a 3.2-megapixel high resolution lens and 24 frames-per-second smooth video streaming, as well as a user-friendly interface and one-touch auto focus. Even if the bat in front of the camera is constantly flapping its wings or making random, jerky movements, the CP155 can easily present the highest video quality possible. During the observation session, even the slightest squirm of the bat’s body will make the eyes of the children light up in excitement. They begin to raise their hands and eagerly ask questions in their quest to better understand how bats live. With the AVerVision CP155, city-dwelling children can, for the first time, easily interact with Mother Nature and experience all the joy and wonder that our earth has to offer.

Teachers can also utilize the AVerVision CP155’s flexible gooseneck design to turn the camera around and film the reactions of students. Seeing their own faces and those of their classmates as they become the main characters on the 'big screen' is always a surprising and entertaining experience for students and is sure to perk up the learning atmosphere for the remaining few minutes of the lesson. Thanks to the AVerVision CP155, students are no longer forced to attend boring and monotonous traditional lectures, where the teacher is a solo-act. Now, each student can become an active participant in their own lessons, thereby increasing their own interest in, and passion for, learning about our natural world. Teachers benefit too, as students are more motivated, classes become more exciting places of wonder and discovery, and course materials/subjects come to life! All of these benefits come from using the AVerVision CP155 visualizer (document camera), which brings our natural world right into the classroom in unique, creative and stimulating ways!