Bangkok University, Thailand

Teaching becomes interactive and effective with AVerVision530

The Bangkok University was originally known as the Thai Polytechnic Institute until 1965 when it became the first private college in Thailand. In recent years, the most well-known department at Bangkok University is the Faculty of Communication Arts. Moreover, Bangkok University got the "MIS ASIA'S TOP 100 I.T. USERS" award in both 2004 and 2005.

"I have not found any problems using AVerVision530. It works properly... it is a durable and powerful tool for education. I think other teachers will like it, too."
- Professor Parama Satavatin, Bangkok University

AVerVision530 makes teaching easier and more comfortable with its easy-to-use operation and high-definition image. Educators can put documents, art work, models and magazines under the camera and display them through a projector. It works so fast to show the content of documents.

"Now that we have AVerVision530 in class, I don't need to take much time to prepare the documents for classes because I can place the books or other documents under the camera and then start teaching." said Professor Wuttisak Pitsuwan, Faculty Lecturer of Business Administration in the Marketing Department. With this new teaching tool, educators now spend less time preparing materials and focus more on thinking how to make teaching richer and more interactive.

Professor Parama Satavatin, Faculty Lecturer of Communication Arts, said, "I am satisfied with the quality of AVerVision530; its resolution is higher than the old one and with more space to save images. I use the freeze function to pause the image of a document, so I have time to prepare new documents while students take notes."

Professors can also capture images to the built-in memory and then upload them to a sharing folder so that students can download them for review. Also, AVerVision530 increases interaction in class. Students will do some of their assignments using the AVerVision530 and present what they want to show, like diagrams or charts, and share ideas with others. Professors can give advice, as well. With the AVerVision530 visualizer (document camera) in class, teaching and learning becomes more effective and interactive.

"For presentation in class, my students can use the AVerVision530 easily to present their idea. And I can know how much they understand the lesson." - Professor Parama Satavatin, Bangkok University