Bayer Material Science, Thailand

AVer integrates a surveillance system at Bayer Material Science

Taipei, Taiwan, April 26, 2010- Over the past years, AVerMedia INFORMATION Inc. has fulfilled its duties by providing up-to-date, reliable, customized surveillance technology to many viable projects around the global. This time was no exception. Not only through widely applicable surveillance DVR design, but also relentlessly pre and post client support and education by the truly localized, well-trained staffs, AVerMedia INFORMATION Inc. Thailand branch has won the security project of Bayer MaterialScience production site in Map ta put Industrial Estate.

Driven by the concern of total security needs for its confidential technologies, Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd., a modern plastic manufacture, was looking for upgrade its existing surveillance system. Thoroughly prepared to seize this opportunity, AVerMedia hosted an educational presentation to the security manger of Bayer, who was impressed with AVerMedia’s products and invited other security managers of nearby factories within the Industrial Park, by demonstrating a full range of products training and explanation that have created confidence in AVerMedia’s products.

AVerDiGi SA6832E RACK and EH5116 Pro have been chosen to secure main and the subsidiary factories respectively. The SA6832E RACK is mainly used to connect entirely with IP cameras (network cameras) from different brands to secure highly confidential procedures and documents, valuable raw materials, entrance and exit to the offices and shipping areas. In contrast, the EH5116 Pro Hybrid DVR is used to connect all analog cameras for the same purposes in the subsidiary factory while leaving the option of IP camera (network camera) expansion in the future.

Although, the entire production site is relatively large and daily operations are quite complexes, the security manager can still overhaul the entire facility with AVerDiGi CM3000 installed. Central Management System CM3000, linking the DVRs from both factories through network, has impressed the security manager especially by the motion detection instant notification and E-map that are able to responsively pinpoint the incidence as well as the Auto or Schedule recording and recycling.

Benefiting from the gathering of security managers at the presentation, AVerMedia has already begun to investigate the security needs of another factory in the Industrial Park.