SiS Distribution, Thailand

SiS Distribution optimizes communication, employee training, and sales feedback between 7 branches using AVer’s EVC900.


Hong Kong-based SiS International Holdings Limited was founded in 1983. By developing a strong, dense network of distributors, SiS built itself into one of the biggest mobile and IT products distributors in Asia, with interests in hotels, real estate, and other areas. Hoping to gain a foothold in the Thai market, SiS International established SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. in Bangkok in 1998, gradually opening 6 branches in Pattaya, Ubon Ratchathani, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Hat Yai. In 2004, it officially listed on the Bangkok Stock Exchange under the trading name SIS, confirming its success as a leading distributor of global IT products in Thailand, and its success in the OEM business.

Maximizing Communication Effectiveness

When video conferencing began to emerge as the world’s leading form of business communication, SiS led the way by adopting AVer’s EVC900. The EVC900’s ability to link up to 10 points allows all 7 of SiS’s branches to meet together at once, improving daily operations as well as making it far easier than before to build consensus and agree on strategy. This in turn makes SiS’s internal and external communication both more time and cost effective.

Time-efficient Training

SiS built itself into one of Thailand’s leading IT distributors in large part by ensuring that its staff are knowledgeable enough to satisfy customers’ needs. The EVC900’s one-touch recording onto an USB thumb drive plays an important role in keeping staff up to date by allowing SiS to record training sessions for later use. Now when branch sales or new staff needs training they can simply play back previously recorded sessions, with no need for extra travel to headquarters.

Accelerating Market Feedback

When SiS’ sales staff is out on business they often need to adapt to a fast-changing market. By using AVer’s VCLink software they can take photos of competitors’ products or other industry materials and share them with colleagues during video conferencing meetings, making the company as a whole more responsive to market changes.

Features like 10-site connections, one-touch recording and instant photo sharing not only satisfy SiS’s sales staff’s needs, but provide added efficiencies that give them an edge over the competition. For SiS, the benefits of AVer’s business communication solution extend beyond saving travel time to increasing the effectiveness of their entire business.

AVer would like to thank SiS Thailand for their valuable assistance in creating this case study.